The New Year is approaching, and it’s time to set your health goals for 2023. A resolution can be a helpful way to stay on track all year long. It can be hard to stick to a broad goal like “be healthier next year.” That is why choosing a specific health target, like “get more sleep,” can help you stay on track.

For inspiration, here are 10 new year’s health resolutions to set in 2023.

1. Take Time to Reflect on Past Resolutions

What sort of resolutions did you make last year? Did you achieve them? When you reflect on your past resolutions, it can help you form new goals. Maybe a goal was easier to achieve this past year than you thought, and you should strive for a larger challenge. Or, maybe you didn’t reach a health goal this year and would like to make it a priority for next year. Either way, take time to revisit before creating your new goals.

2. Spend 15 Minutes in Nature Every Day

One simple health goal that can bring positive returns is spending time in nature every day. When you are outside, you get exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can benefit your health by helping you make Vitamin D. It can also help you sleep better at night. Researchers are finding that nature can also improve your mood and the way your brain works.

3. Find a Way of Exercising That You Enjoy

It is a great idea to resolve to exercise more in the new year. But, it’s important to choose an exercise that you enjoy doing so that you are more likely to continue it. It’s okay to try a few things until you find what sticks. Consider a new sport or even a group exercise class. Exercising with others may be especially helpful because of the social benefits.

4. Practice Self-Care

Before you can take care of the other people in your life, it’s important to take care of yourself. In the new year, strive to give yourself time to rest and do the things you enjoy. This can help “fill up your cup” and make you feel happier all year long.

5. Make an Effort to Stay Connected with Loved Ones

Social connection makes a positive impact on your health. It can take work to stay connected with loved ones. But when you set this as a health goal, you can motivate yourself to stick with weekly check-ins like phone calls or written notes. Having social support will provide many benefits, including improved health.

6. Try Mindfulness or Meditation

Research shows that being mindful can help improve your health by reducing conditions like anxiety and depression. A popular way to practice mindfulness is to meditate. In the new year, make a goal of learning a meditation that you enjoy.

7. Cook a New Healthy Recipe Each Week

Sometimes eating the same thing every week can get tiring. If you are sick of what you’re eating, you may be more likely to turn to unhealthy foods. However, learning a new recipe can help you break free from food boredom. Make a plan to try a new healthy recipe each week to help you stick to your healthy eating goals.

8. Listen to More Music

You may be surprised to learn that the simple act of listening to music can be good for your health. But health experts show that music can improve your brain health. Next year, try to incorporate more music into your life.

9. Get Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health. If you struggle with sleep, make a goal of focusing on sleep in the new year. Talk to your healthcare provider about your sleep concerns so that you can get tips and tricks that are specific to your health situation.

10. Schedule Doctor Appointments When Needed

Next year, don’t be shy about seeking medical care. A routine exam helps your doctor check important health markers like your blood pressure and blood sugar. Staying on top of your regular doctor’s appointments helps you stay healthy all year long.

Now that you have read ten fresh ideas about new year’s resolutions, you are already on your way to a healthier 2023. Regular medical appointments can help you stay healthy in the new year. Contact us today to schedule your annual check-up.