During the winter season, as the temperature plummets and the aroma of sweet treats fills the air, it can be increasingly difficult to find ways to exercise and feel healthy.

Don’t sweat it though, we have a few ideas to help you stay healthy all winter long:

1) Get the flu shot

A common factor that deters winter activity is getting sick. Luckily, a flu vaccination can reduce the risk of flu illness by 50 to 60 percent in the general population. It can also decrease any side effects should you end up getting sick. Since December marks the highest number of reported flu cases, experts recommend getting the flu vaccine now.

2) Stock up on hand sanitizer

Researchers at a Boston children’s hospital discovered that out of 292 families, those who regularly used hand sanitizer had a 59 percent less chance of contracting a winter bug or the flu. It’s very important to wash your hands often, and use sanitizer whenever needed during the winter season.

3) Set attainable goals for the season

We’re all guilty of not following through on a New Year’s resolution. Instead of making unrealistic, long-term goals that only end in disappointment, try setting achievable ones that keep you focused throughout the season and aid in boosting your immunity.

4) Take a daily multivitamin

Warmer months allow for more time outdoors and longer days with a lot of sunlight exposure. With colder months, shorter days are spent inside, creating a deficiency in certain immune-boosting vitamins that the body absorbs from the sun in order to maintain good health. Vitamins such as A, B6, B12, C and D are necessary for energy and immune health. A multivitamin that contains the recommended daily value of these vitamins can prove good for one’s health.

5) Get a good night’s sleep

It’s always important to get a good night’s sleep, but during the winter months, it’s especially vital. A proper night’s sleep promotes stronger immune health and improved energy levels throughout the day, increasing motivation to stay active.

Keep up with these practices to ensure a happy and healthy winter season.

Important Words To Know:
  • Influenza (the flu): A highly contagious viral infection of the breathing passages causing fever and severe aching.
  • Immune system: A complex network of interacting cells that protect the body from pathogens and other foreign substances. It also destroys infected cells.
  • Vitamin: Any group of organic substances that are essential in small quantities to normal metabolism.
  • Deficiency: The state of lacking, incompleteness or insufficiency